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3 Months Old.

My dearest Molly,

Time is flying! Anyway, I’m having more fun with you every day. I have absolutely adored each stage in your life so far. Even though you were very awake, I loved the cuddliness of the first few weeks. But watching you become more alert and aware of your surroundings was fun, too. Then you began to smile. Oh, those smiles melt my heart, especially when I know that they’re because you recognize me and you know that I’m going to protect you.

I think the biggest excitement of this month was going on vacation! We had this planned since January or so, and we didn’t know what kind of baby you would be and how it would all pan out going on vacation with an 8-12 week old, but you were fantastic! You’re such a flexible baby, and really didn’t have any trouble changing you sleep habits and being around everyone else all week long. I think Mommy and Daddy were more exhausted by the end of the week than you were. I will say, as much fun as I had, I was actually happy to be home again after that week.

Tummy Time!

You had a doctor’s appointment at the beginning of August and you weighed in at 10.64 pounds, and measured 22.5 inches long. You were in the 50th percentile at the time, and the doctor said you were a “perfect specimen.” Breastfeeding is still going spectacularly, I love the time we get to spend together so many time a day. We still don’t have a schedule, but I’ll feed you when you’re hungry. I don’t mind at all. When we were at the doctors and I told her you were eating every 2-3 hours she told me to try to space it out to 4 hours and asked if I was tired. I thought that was a strange question, when you sleep for 12 hours with one feeding at night, I get plenty of sleep. Sometimes you don’t eat for 4 hours if we’re out and about, but sometimes, you eat 2 hours after your previous feeding. I’m going by your schedule, not mine.

Had to keep crawling back in the van on the way home so Molly would sleep

Sleeping is usually going really well, too. It took a few days after vacation, but I’d say for most of the month, you slept from about 8:30 or 9 until at least 5am the next morning. You’ll have your nights were you’re up before that, but usually we get about an 8 hour stretch. After that early morning feeding, I bring you in bed with me once Daddy leaves and we curl up together until about 8:30 or so. Once you get up, you are just so happy! I will say it’s one of my favorite times of that day, for sure. Naps are a different story – you’re usually taking them while someone is holding you. And they aren’t long. Usually only about 20-30 minutes or so about 4-5 times a day. I try to put you in your crib for your morning nap, but since we sit with Grammy for the rest of the day, one of us is usually holding you while you nap. I’m hoping it doesn’t bite me in the butt at some point.

Fingers Taste Good?

You’ve been munching on your fingers a lot. I’m not sure if it’s teething – I hope not – or just that you’ve found your hand and they taste good! I was a thumb sucker, and I’d love for you to be one, too, just so I can stop carrying pacifiers all over the place and cleaning them off when they drop. I don’t think you’ve associated sucking on a finger with putting yourself to sleep, although you did put yourself to sleep once sucking your thumb. It’s usually the pacifier to be put to sleep. Or a boob.

Entertaining herself on the way down to the beach

You are thisclose to rolling over onto your belly. You haven’t rolled over onto your back, but I think I’m to blame for that. Tummy time is a rarity, and I know it’s important, but honestly, you have amazing neck control and still have a perfectly round head, so I’m not too worried about it. You can’t seem to get your arm that’s on the bottom out of the way when you try to roll over. I know you’ll get it soon though, it’s only a matter of time.

Time with Daddy

Your newest thing that took me by surprise is the trying to sit up business. Seriously, all of a sudden you decided you don’t like to be reclined and you try to sit up. In the carseat, while we’re holding you, all the time. I didn’t realize that was a development you’d start doing. I knew the head control, trying to roll over, but this one took me by surprise.

Watching the Olympics

Back to the doctors, you had a shot that day and holy mackerel, did you want your mommy all. day. long. We went to look for a van that night, and you wouldn’t leave my arms, even for Daddy, or Grandma, or even to change your diaper. I felt so terrible for you, but I held you with no complaints.

Loving her activity mat

We got you and activity mat and I think you really like it. I usually put you on it for a while each day. The other day you actually fell asleep on it. You were playing and I was on my computer, and I looked over at you and you must have decided you didn’t want to play anymore so you rolled on your side and fell asleep. Simply adorable.

First skirt – Daddy thought she was too young to wear a skirt

You are talking all the time. To everyone. I think you’ll be a chatterbox. It’s so adorable though. I finally caught it on video so I have that, yay! I’ve been trying to catch it on video, but every time you see me get a camera/my phone out, you just start it and and won’t smile or talk or anything. I only got it because you were talking to Grammy and didn’t see my phone. Ha ha, tricked you! 🙂

Enjoying the pool

We put you in your high chair for the first time this month too. The seat reclines so it’s more comfortable for you. I’ll usually put you in it while I’m cooking dinner. I’ll give you a few toys and you’re content for a while. We’re trying to get into a habit of putting you in the high chair while we’re eating, but since Grammy and Pappy and sometimes me eat about 4:30 and Daddy doesn’t get home until at least 6, there’s usually someone free to hold you while others are eating.

Family of three!

All in all, I know I am very blessed to have such a wonderful baby for a daughter, and I am loving every minute of every day that I get to spend time with you. I hope you know how very loved you are by the entire family!




Cloth Diapers

Oh my, where to begin? Before I got pregnant, I was reading so many blogs, mommy blogs, and many of them cloth diapered their child(ren), I fell in love with the idea of cloth diapering. They were so adorable, and while the impact of disposable diapers on the environment did have a small impact on my feelings toward them, I’m doing to be honest, it was the money. All those ideas of savings thousands of dollars to cloth diaper your child definitely had more of an impact on me. I told my whole family that I was planning on cloth diapering after I got used to just having a baby and taking care of her.

Well, here we are, almost 13 weeks since Molly was born and I have yet to order any cloth diapers. I’ve researched until I was practically cross-eyed. All the different styles, kinds, name brands. It’s an entire world, and it’s a little intimidating to be honest. I was overwhelmed, so I put it off, and put it off, and put it off.

I think it’s time now. I’ve tried to find the brands that I think would work best for us, I’m home every day, so I don’t mind doing the laundry and preparing/stuffing the diapers. I do know that cloth diapers might not work out for us, and because of that, I’ve been researching cloth diaper trials. You pay a nonrefundable deposit, some are $10, some are $30, and have a refundable portion, either a flat fee, or an amount based on the type of cloth diapers you get. Once you receive the diapers, you have to prep them since they’re brand new, and you use them for a certain amount of time, usually 21-30 days. If you keep the diapers, or whatever portion of the diapers, your money isn’t refunded to you, but if you send any diapers back within the allotted amount of time, you get your money back. Not a bad deal, right? I’d rather loose $30 than by hundreds of dollars of cloth diapers and then not like them and have wasted that money. The whole point of cloth diapering, for me, is to save money.

After some research, I found Diaper Daisy’s cloth trial to seem to fit us the best. You get to pick the type of cloth diapers, and since I’m pretty darn positive I won’t go with pre-folds, I didn’t want to include them in my trial. The price increases depending on the type of diapers you get, and if you keep all the diapers, you get a $50 credit to spend on anything from their site.

I’ve talked to the hubs about it, and he’s on board with helping out when he can since he works 6 days a week, about 65ish hours. We’re in the middle of getting some things sorted out financially. Once we figure that out, we’ll take the splurge and experiment with the cloth diapers. I’m going to track it along on the blog so if anyone else is interested it how it all works, I’ll be the guinea pig!

What are you feelings about cloth diapers?


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday, Vol. 1






Entertaining herself while Momma’s cooking dinner!

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Sorting It Out.

As I hear Miss Molly babbling away in her crib when she should be sleeping, I’m trying to figure out how often to blog; what kind of posts I want to participate in – for example, “What I Ate Wednesday”, or Shapshot Sundays. I’m trying to think of all the topics I’d like to write a post about; cloth diapering, baby wearing, breastfeeding, getting my pre-pregnancy body back. It might take me a while before I can get into a normal routine, and then it’ll probably get all messed up by some change in Molly’s schedule. Well, the sort of schedule that we go by.

It might take me a while to get into a routine, but I do hope to get into one. I miss blogging, I miss the connections that I have with other bloggers, the advice and confirmations that I’m doing the right thing. I know they’ll be some critics with parenting, but who doesn’t have them? We shouldn’t, but that’s life, and I know it.

I think it’s strange, too, because I did have a blog, and I might get new readers with this one, so I don’t know if I should include things about myself and my life that I mentioned on the other blog, or assume that it’s brand new. I’m working on completing my About Me page and writing up some posts. I promise we’ll be regularly scheduled as possible in a little bit!

Oh, and I like to add questions at the end of my posts so I can connect with readers! I’d love if you answered them, and you totally don’t have to answer the question to comment – I adore reading comments!

How did you/do you decide on how often to post, what posts to participate in, etc?

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Hi readers!

I’m Megan, and I used to blog at The Road to Skinny, but since having my baby, Molly, I thought I’d start my own mommy blog! I’m definitely still on my road to skinny, but Molly is the main focus of my life now. If you want to check out more about my path to motherhood, including the decision to start trying to get pregnant, and all my pregnancy updates, you can check out my old blog. Even Miss Molly’s birth story is on there, but I might summarize that at some point and repost it so it’s not so long and (maybe?) boring.

First of all, I’d like to tell you what to expect on here – mostly the adventures of a new mom. The lessons I learn, the experiments with different techniques and my feelings about certain ones. In my other blog, I made a lot of friends; most of which I hope follow me on this blog, but I’d like to make more connections, more mommy connections. I’d like to be able to ask advice and give my opinions (respectfully, of course!).

I am also trying to get back my healthy habits that I worked so hard to incorporate into my life before I got pregnant. Yes, I definitely fell into the stereotypical “eating for two” pregnant woman, and that didn’t work out so well. Luckily, I had a healthy baby girl relatively easily, but now I still have about 25 more pounds to loose before I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight. So there might be some health issues thrown in.

Also, cooking. I’m really hoping to at least review some recipes and include them in my posts every once in a while. I may not be very creative in the kitchen, but I do love cooking, and am getting a little more inspired to venture into my own recipes as time goes on.

Okay, now how about a little about me. I’m 23, a lover of Jesus, but I won’t push my views onto anyone, I promise. I’m a first time stay at home mom to Miss Molly. My husband and I have been married for 3 years this December – we started dating in 10th grade, high school sweethearts. All together now, aww! We were both born in PA, and after moving to Maryland for 18 months after we got married so I could finish college, we moved back to PA and currently live with my parents. We do have land to build a house on, but not the money right now, we’re working on it. It was always my dream to be a stay at home mom, and it’s everything I dreamed it would be. I love being able to spend all my time with Molly.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog as much as I’ll enjoy sharing my adventures. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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