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Cloth Diapers

on August 30, 2012

Oh my, where to begin? Before I got pregnant, I was reading so many blogs, mommy blogs, and many of them cloth diapered their child(ren), I fell in love with the idea of cloth diapering. They were so adorable, and while the impact of disposable diapers on the environment did have a small impact on my feelings toward them, I’m doing to be honest, it was the money. All those ideas of savings thousands of dollars to cloth diaper your child definitely had more of an impact on me. I told my whole family that I was planning on cloth diapering after I got used to just having a baby and taking care of her.

Well, here we are, almost 13 weeks since Molly was born and I have yet to order any cloth diapers. I’ve researched until I was practically cross-eyed. All the different styles, kinds, name brands. It’s an entire world, and it’s a little intimidating to be honest. I was overwhelmed, so I put it off, and put it off, and put it off.

I think it’s time now. I’ve tried to find the brands that I think would work best for us, I’m home every day, so I don’t mind doing the laundry and preparing/stuffing the diapers. I do know that cloth diapers might not work out for us, and because of that, I’ve been researching cloth diaper trials. You pay a nonrefundable deposit, some are $10, some are $30, and have a refundable portion, either a flat fee, or an amount based on the type of cloth diapers you get. Once you receive the diapers, you have to prep them since they’re brand new, and you use them for a certain amount of time, usually 21-30 days. If you keep the diapers, or whatever portion of the diapers, your money isn’t refunded to you, but if you send any diapers back within the allotted amount of time, you get your money back. Not a bad deal, right? I’d rather loose $30 than by hundreds of dollars of cloth diapers and then not like them and have wasted that money. The whole point of cloth diapering, for me, is to save money.

After some research, I found Diaper Daisy’s cloth trial to seem to fit us the best. You get to pick the type of cloth diapers, and since I’m pretty darn positive I won’t go with pre-folds, I didn’t want to include them in my trial. The price increases depending on the type of diapers you get, and if you keep all the diapers, you get a $50 credit to spend on anything from their site.

I’ve talked to the hubs about it, and he’s on board with helping out when he can since he works 6 days a week, about 65ish hours. We’re in the middle of getting some things sorted out financially. Once we figure that out, we’ll take the splurge and experiment with the cloth diapers. I’m going to track it along on the blog so if anyone else is interested it how it all works, I’ll be the guinea pig!

What are you feelings about cloth diapers?


10 responses to “Cloth Diapers

  1. We use Bumgenius 4.0s exclusively and I love them. I never felt the need to test out a bunch, though. I’m pretty brand loyal, so I knew once I found something I liked that I would stick with it.

    • Megan says:

      They’re on my list to try for sure! I’d also like to try fuzzibunz, banana and flip diapers. Why did you pick bumgenious?

      • They had the most consistently good reviews and I’d seen a lot of bloggers use them (I only have one CD friend in real life. She likes BG, but she couldn’t afford them so she uses Alva, which I think feel cheap). I went with pockets because they are easy and low maintenance but don’t tend to have smell problems the way AIOs do.

      • Megan says:

        Yeah I don’t know anyone who CDs in real life. I’m definitely with you on the pocket diapers, I have the time to stuff them.

      • Stuffing takes almost no time. I do it while I’m pumping. Honestly, the hardest part is perfecting the laundry routine.

  2. I use FuzziBunz and they work great for us. It’s a pain in the butt to get them sized correctly though. That’s my only complaint. Stuffing isn’t hard either. I do it once Isaac is down for the night while i’m watching tv. I agree with Sarah that the hardest part is perfecting the laundry routine because you have to find to what works before for your washing machine. It took us a month or so before we got it down. We had a lot of issues with not getting all the pee out when we’d wash them. So they’d be stinky.

    Good luck!

    • Megan says:

      Fuzzibunz is on my list to try, too! Since we’re still living with my parents and I have to use their washer, I don’t think my mom is a fan of it, but I know how much money it’ll save!

  3. mamabear says:

    I cloth diaper and I love it. I started when E was 3 weeks old and wish I had begun sooner. Our stash consists of cotton birds-eye flats, bamboo inserts, hemp prefolds, covers (Bummies, Thirsties,Bluieberry) and wool soakers (that I made), a couple all-in-ones (BumGenius and Thirsties) and various pocket diapers (Softbums, Alvas, Blueberry, WAHM). I also had newborn prefolds that she has outgrown. Our favorites are our SoftBum Omnis because the leg elastics are adjustable. We use them as all-in-twos with the snap in soakers. My husband will only use those diapers. I also really like the flats and covers and wool for overnight.

    • Megan says:

      Interesting, I haven’t heard of about half of those! It’s crazy how many different brands there are of cloth diapers, and all the different types, too!

  4. […] you remember back, I wanted to do a cloth diaper trial, and was just waiting for the okay from the Hubs. Well, while we were at the Bloomsburg Fair on […]

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