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Freeing Myself.

on September 4, 2012

Ever since Molly was born, I’ve been tracking her feeding and diaper changes on an app on my iPhone. Well, since we were home from the hospital. In the hospital, they gave us this sheet of paper to track diaper changes and feedings.

I like being able to see how many times I’ve fed her each day, and how many diaper changes she’s had, along with the average of how long each feeding is, or when her last dirty diaper was. I’ve been doing it pretty religiously, but I’m starting to wonder why. When should I stop tracking everything? I’ve never tracked her sleep, or anything else for that matter. When I was pumping in the middle of the night, I tracked that, too. I track when we feed her a bottle, rarely, but I like seeing solid proof that I’m feeding and changing. I feel like the moment I stop tracking it, the doctor is going to ask something, and I’m not going to be able to answer her properly. I don’t know what question would prompt the use of my tracking app, but that’s the kind of thing that goes through my head.

Now that Molly is 3 months old, I’ve been playing with the idea of freeing myself from the app. It is handy to know which side I fed on last, but I’m pretty sure I can remember, and if I don’t, I don’t believe it’s the end of the world.

Granted, on the other hand, it’s not a pain to do, only if we’re out and Molly’s crying because she’s hungry, it makes it seem like I’m playing on my phone instead of feeding my daughter, but that’s my business, and I usually end up not accurately tracking that nursing session. I guess at the length of it. We don’t have a schedule, and I’m fine with that, but do I want to stop tracking things?

I guess it’s easier to glance at my phone that trust that my mommy brain will remember the last diaper change or feeding, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the hassle.

I googled it, thank you google! It seems that some moms track it until 6 months, and some stop as soon as they come home from the hospital. Now that Molly is only having one dirty diaper every three days, I’d like of like some reminder of when that three days is up.

Hmm. What to do. What did you/would you do?


2 responses to “Freeing Myself.

  1. My husband tracked feedings and dirty diapers for a couple weeks after we came home from the hospital using an app on his phone but gave it up after 2 weeks. We’ve not regretted stopping at all. I think you should just do what feels right for you.

  2. […] my post last week about tracking Molly’s feeding sessions and diaper changes, I decided to take the plunge and stop tracking. I figured it was time, and I’ve actually […]

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