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No More Tracking

on September 10, 2012

After my post last week about tracking Molly’s feeding sessions and diaper changes, I decided to take the plunge and stop tracking. I figured it was time, and I’ve actually really enjoyed not having to worry about “looking right” on the graphs and worrying about whether someone would look at it and find some kind of fault with it.

Now at Molly’s next appointment and they ask me how often I feed her, I can honestly say “whenever she’s hungry” and not even give them a time period. I’m pretty excited, it’s actually liberating.

The only problem I had was figuring out how to remember which side to feed on next. Molly is a one side nurser, so I can never remember which side I feed on last. After asking advice on twitter, some moms said they could just feel which side was fuller and I most definitely can not. My right side is always fuller so thats out. Jana mentioned that her mom used a ribbon on her nursing bra to remind her and I thought that was a really good idea! So I put a bobby pin on my bra, but that didn’t work out since it would stick out of my shirt so I started wearing a bracelet and switching it to the appropriate wrist after a feeding. Works like a charm!

All in all, I’m happy I quick cold turkey from tracking and I feel a lot more relaxed and I actually think Molly goes longer between feedings because I get her go as long as she wants to.

When was the last time you took a chance?


One response to “No More Tracking

  1. […] is still going well! I love that time we have together. I stopped tracking our sessions this month, it was getting me crazy to make sure you were eating long enough and often […]

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