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Cloth Diapers, Part 2.

on September 25, 2012

If you remember back, I wanted to do a cloth diaper trial, and was just waiting for the okay from the Hubs. Well, while we were at the Bloomsburg Fair on Sunday, I had to feed Molly and I knew there was a nursing station somewhere, so after wondering around and finally finding it, I fed Molly there. After I came home, the Hubs told me that I should go check out the cloth diapers that they were selling there. I didn’t even realize that’s what they were selling there.

So I went and talked to them. They’re The Little Bee Diaper Co. and for every diaper they sell, they give a diaper to an orphan in a place where they don’t have diapers. The seller said that the batch they’re collecting from the diapers sold at the fair are going to an orphanage in Haiti where the babies are on plastic and all roll around in their own waste. It makes your heart break! I had never heard of this particular company before, but loved that the were so generous, and include a bible verse on their website about how we should help the orphans – James 1:27. They’re also a local company for me, selling diapers out of Danville, PA.

The diapers are one sized, pocket diapers, which were exactly the kinds of diapers I was looking at – Fuzzibunz, BumGenious, etc. I was pretty excited that the Hubs told me to just go ahead and do it, so I went all out – 12 diapers, extra hemp inserts, a big wet bag, diaper bag wet bag and detergent. I’m thinking next month or so I might get a few more diapers, maybe some Fuzzibunz and I’d like a few Flip diapers just because they have the disposable inserts and I think that would be super handy when on a day trip somewhere. I’ll also have to make the transition to cloth wipes, but I just bought a bunch to refill my container, so that’ll be in the next month or so.

I was nervous making such a big purchase, but I’m really excited. I keep thinking that I won’t like them and it’ll be such a waste of money, but there’s no reason why I shouldn’t like them. It’s such a savings in the long run that I’ll just have to make myself like them, there’s absolutely no reason I shouldn’t like them.

Right now, the diapers are in the wash, hopefully I’ll dry them overnight on the line, and stuff them tomorrow and we can start using them!

I’ll keep you posted, don’t worry! I’m so glad I found this company and look forward to getting their word out!

How did you pick the cloth diapers you currently use? Would you ever cloth diaper if you don’t already? 


3 responses to “Cloth Diapers, Part 2.

  1. mamabear says:

    I have so many cloth diapers. It’s addicting! The hemp inserts are going to work better the more you wash them, so you may want to wash them a few times before use. I’m assuming your other inserts are microfiber and those don’t need any prepping like hemp.

    • Megan says:

      You’re correct about the other ones being microfiber, and I didn’t know that about the hemp. I’ll have to wash them a few more times since that’s going to be my night time diaper. I’m pretty excited about cloth diapering!

  2. […] just started cloth diapering this week. It was something I really wanted to do, more so to save money than anything else, but […]

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