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Loving Cloth.

on October 8, 2012

We have been officially in cloth diapers for 2 weeks, so I wanted to update you!

Well, lets clarify, when I say in cloth diapers, I mean 100% during the day, but we’re still using disposables at night. The first night we did cloth, Molly didn’t leak, but the second night she was soaked and leaked, and the third, I put her in a disposable at 1:30am. Now, with disposables, I don’t change her diaper from about 7:30pm until about 9am and I was hoping I could do the same with cloth. I don’t know if I don’t have enough inserts or what, but I don’t really feel like doing a diaper change in the middle of the night.

I didn’t have to buy any disposables, since we weren’t planning on buying cloth that quickly, I had just bought 2 small packs of disposables the week before, so I’m using them. I would, of course, love to switch to cloth full time, but I don’t know how to go about figuring out the correct diaper & inserts for nighttime.

Other than that dilemma, I do love the cloth! They’re adorable, and we haven’t had a blow out yet. Granted, we haven’t pooped during a car ride yet, so that might have something to do with it…
I love how easy they are, and I think I’ve gotten my washing routine down – cold rinse, hot wash with detergent and an extra rinse, plus another extra rinse. I haven’t dried them yet, I just hang them on the line my mom has in the laundry room, and let them go until the next washing day. I wash Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in case you were wondering.

I have a total of 25 diapers, 21 little bee company diapers, 3 flip diapers – purchased because I wanted the option of a disposable liner when we’re out for the day – and one bum genius that I won from twitter. I haven’t used the flip or bum genius, but I will say that while comparing them, I like how the little bee diapers have elastic on the front of them, it seems more “secure” than the others. I’ll let you know how they work out!

Now for some adorable pictures!





If you cloth diaper, what to you use overnight?


One response to “Loving Cloth.

  1. We just started cloth diapering at night. We use two hemp inserts and then a regular micro fiber. It seems to work.

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