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Choosing a New Pediatrician

on October 11, 2012

While I was pregnant, I interviewed two local pediatricians and didn’t really like either of them. I picked the one I liked a little bit better, but I never really felt comfortable with her. She talks a lot, and doesn’t let me talk much. We’ve only seen her a few times – Molly’s 5 day appointment, 6 week check-up, 2 and 4 month check-up – and I called her when Molly was sick because I thought she had pink eye. I never really had a problem with her, but it just doesn’t feel right. I feel like everything lines up for me to like her, but I just don’t. She’s won multiple awards in our area, she’s local, gives her cell phone out to patients and will come into her office at any time since she lives close by and I love all that about her, I just don’t connect with her, if that makes sense.

Now that Molly is a little older, I have more things that are on my mind, specifically starting solids and continuing breastfeeding, which I love. At Molly’s last appointment, the Dr. told me to start rice cereal and then simple fruits and veggies this month – at 4 months – then chicken and turkey next month. She actually asked me what I thought about it, gave me a second to open my mouth and then proceeded to talk about something else. Yep, wonderful. Oh, she also told me to not buy into the organic garbage since it can’t be proven and they’re just making you pay more for the same product as conventional.

I want to write a separate post about it, but I have no intention of starting Molly out on solids before 6 months, she’s sleeping better than she was, only up at 2 or 3, then waking up about 6 to come in bed with me after the Hubs goes to work, and sleeping again until 8 or so. She’s content with just breast milk, and that’s all I’m comfortable giving her right now. That was one thing we disagreed on, but the Dr. always concludes with “you’re the mom, you do what’s best for you” which I appreciate so much.

I’ve been toying with the idea of switching pediatricians, but I’m such a chicken. The Dr. who delivered Molly, her husband is a pediatrician and so I asked her for his name, figuring that since she and I agreed on everything we talked about, he would have to be in the same boat. I finally got up enough courage today and called to set up a meeting with him. Fun for us, it’s at 8:15am next Tuesday morning, but since I’m not a paying patient, he’s meeting with me before his regular patients.

I’m nervous, I don’t know why, but I am. I think I’m scared that if I like him and switch, I have to pick up Molly’s medical records at her current pediatrician and she’ll question why I’m leaving her practice. I’m also nervous about what questions to ask. I don’t know why I wasn’t nervous to interview pediatricians while I was pregnant, but I am now. Doesn’t make sense to me either.

I can’t put my thumb on why I don’t like my current pediatrician exactly. We just don’t mesh. I went to a la leche league meeting – again, another post – and some of the moms admitted to downright lying to their pediatrician about the number of times they were nursing their babies, or when they started solids. I’m sure pediatricians know that not everyone is completely honest with them with their answers, but I’m not so comfortable doing that. It’s not like Molly even has a medical issue that I see the doctor all the time, each time we’ve been, she’s said nothing but good things about Molly’s growth and health.

Oh well, I’ll keep you updated!

What was the last time you didn’t mesh with someone?
How did you pick your pediatrician? Do you lie to them?


One response to “Choosing a New Pediatrician

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