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Pumpkins & Halloween.

on November 1, 2012

First of all, prayers for anyone who was in, or has family/friends in Hurricane Sandy’s path. We lucked out, with a small amount of rain, and lots of wind – no damage here, other than the power going out. The family was curled up in the living room with the fireplace roaring all day on Tuesday. Luckily, we were only without power for about 16 hours, but it definitely makes you think about how much we rely on it for our daily routines!

Keeping warm without power

We carved Molly’s first pumpkin! Well, Daddy did. I got a great idea from  Caitlin to use Molly’s handprint cut out to carve the pumpkin! Initially, we were going to use the trace as eyes, but I thought they would be more appropriate to use as ears, and that’s what we did!



Daddy even let her feel the pumpkin goop!

All done!


On Sunday night, we had “trunk or treat” at our church. Basically, some members decorated their cars and handed out candy. The hubs, Molly and I helped out with the games inside. We weren’t going to get Molly a costume, but I had a 30% off at Old Navy, so I decided to pick one up for her – a monkey!

Daddy was supposed to be a tree – well actually I was supposed to be the tree, but Daddy wouldn’t dress up as anything, so I went as a Disney tourist and forgot to take a picture. Oh well, it was pretty boring. Daddy took Molly’s costume off pretty quickly though because it was pretty warm in the gym with so many people in there, and because someone called Molly a boy, and Daddy didn’t like that.

Also, Halloween is the hub’s birthday so we celebrated with homemade apple pie and cards, nothing fancy!

Happy Birthday Daddy!



Yesterday also marked Miss Molly’s 5 month birthday! I’m planning on writing up a monthly recap right. now. Hopefully it will be up early next week-ish.



2 responses to “Pumpkins & Halloween.

  1. Ali says:

    I get so worried when i keep seeing photos of your little girl in that bumbo on the edge of tables! it looks so dangerous!

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