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Five Months Old.

on November 5, 2012

My Molly, sweet baby girl,

You’re 5 months old now! I can’t believe how quickly time is going. You’re almost one half of a year old, and that’s enough to make me cry! I love every second we spend together, even if I get a little short with you when you won’t go to sleep in your crib. You are my little buddy, even more so now that you’re a bit older. We go everywhere together and have a blast doing it.

This month we switched pediatricians. I’m really happy with this switch, and I hope you are, too. Other than a few short stints in disposable diapers, we are full time cloth diapering now. We had to use disposables while the power was out due to Hurricane Sandy, but it suuuucked! We went through 3 outfit changes, they just can’t contain poop! I love our cloth diapers, hard core, and am glad we finally took the plunge.

18 weeks old

You are still in 3-6 month clothing, although I think we’ll be switching your pajamas pretty soon since the nighttime cloth diaper is so thick from so many layers that we have to put in it. I’ve already been buying some 9 & 12 month clothes so that we have a good amount for when you grow into them. Every time I get something in the mail, I can’t imagine you being big enough to fit in it, but I know you will.

You started this new thing where you hate putting your pajamas on at night. You’re good during the day, it’s just jammies at night that you fuss for. Bizarre, but cute. Favorite toys? Sophie the giraffe, tags on anything – burp cloths, books, your blankie – cloth books to chew and suck on.

Sleeping has been okay, I thought we actually solved the sleeping issue at the beginning of last month when we put you to bed later, you slept longer, until about 3am and I was so excited, but then we had some wake ups at midnight or so. The past few nights, I’ve just been bringing you in bed with us. It’s easier and I think we both sleep better that way. I don’t mind, I know you’ll only be little once and I’ll enjoy the extra cuddles! Nighttime routine? Daddy gives you a bath if its bath night, then lotion, diaper on, playtime, books, prayers, and nursing to sleep. Sometimes you’re out for the night, or at least a few hours, and other times you get up in a half hour or so. If you wake up, I nurse you back to sleeps then you’re out.

Naps are almost always taken in your crib, and we have a sporadic 2 hour nap occasionally, but most of the time they’re only about 45 minutes or so. I started a bad habit of nursing you to sleep now, I don’t know when it started, or how it started, but it’s firmly in place now. Granted, Grammy and Daddy can get you to sleep for a nap, but I have to nurse you. I don’t mind though, it’s our cuddle time. You’ll sleep in the car though, no problem at all. We’ve transitioned from a swaddle to a sleep sack this month – you grew out of your swaddles. Your arms were never in your swaddle, so it wasn’t a problem if you rolled over.

19 weeks old

Speaking of nursing, breastfeeding is still going fantastically. I haven’t had to give you any formula at all, and I think we’ll be able to make it to our one year goal, and beyond even! You still haven’t had any solid foods, I think we’ll wait until after your 6 month check-up to start that. I’m not in a rush at all to start solids. I’m aiming to follow a laid-back, baby-led weaning approach, since that seems to make the most sense. It will definitely keep me thinking about what I’m cooking for the family since you’ll be eating it, too! I’d like to do some purees though, just because you can’t eat everything with your fingers – like yogurt and soups. I’m excited to start it, but then at the same time, I know it’s a new chapter, and I don’t know that I’m ready for you to grow up like that yet!

Rolling has been getting better, I think it’s safe to say that you can roll consistently from your belly to your back, it’s just the other way that’s a little slow. I’m not worried though, you’re working on sitting up like a big girl, and I’d be okay if you just didn’t roll at all. I know all babies develop differently! You’ve even been pushing your shoulders and chest up now, and I’ve watched you push your legs up like a plank, but while your elbows are still on the ground. You’ll be crawling before we know it!

20 weeks old

Your laugh is just contagious! We’ve gotten more and more laughs, and I just love it. I got a few on video so we have them saved. More and more people are able to get you to laugh, too, and I know they all love it. I love seeing your face light up when I walk into a room. You follow me everywhere with your eyes, and you usually have to be able to see me, especially if you’re cranky. If you see me walk out of a room, you’ll fuss immediately. I think Daddy doesn’t really like that, but I’m home with you all the time! What does he expect?

You make friends wherever you go, smiling at every stranger that compliments you. I hope you keep that bubbly, smiley personality!

No teeth yet, but you’re drooling and chewing on everything in sight. I keep checking to see if I can feel anything, but nothing yet. Your hair is getting a little more sparse, but it’s still red and curly. I hope you keep the red, I would love that! I don’t think the curls would go anywhere since Daddy and I both have red hair, and I hope that I can teach you to embrace the curls and not hate them like I did. You still have a good amount of hair on the bottom back of your head, and the curls are still there on the top, but the balding around the middle is spreading.

21 weeks old

You had your first Halloween, and Daddy had his first birthday as a daddy! You were going a little monkey for trunk or treat at church, but the costume didn’t stay on long since it was so hot. We should have just bought you a Halloween onesie and called it good. Oh well, lesson learned.

I’m trying to think if there’s anything else, but I think I covered most things. I love you baby girl, to the moon and back. I love every moment we spend together!


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