My Path In Motherhood

The adventures of a Christian, cloth diapering, cooking enthusiast, breastfeeding, healthy-wannabe, "crunchy" mama and daughter.


I wrote weekly updates on my other blog, so I wanted to have them accessible over here, too.

The Backstory
Six Weeks (the announcement)
Seven Week Update
Eight Week Update
First Appointment
Nine Week Update
Ten Week Update
Eleven Week Update
Twelve Week Update
Thirteen Week Update
Fourteen Week Update
Fifteen Week Update
Sixteen Week Update
Seventeen Week Update
Eighteen/Nineteen Week Update
Twenty Week Update
Twenty-One Weeks
Twenty-Two Weeks
Twenty-Three Weeks
Twenty-Four Weeks
Twenty-Five Weeks
Twenty-Six Weeks
Twenty-Seven Weeks
Twenty-Eight Weeks
Twenty-Nine Weeks
Thirty Weeks
Thirty-One Weeks
Thirty-Two/Thirty-Three Weeks
Thirty-Four Weeks
 Thirty-Five Weeks
Thirty-Six Weeks
Thirty-Seven Weeks
Thirty-Eight Weeks
Thirty-Nine Weeks
Forty Weeks

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